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Renova partners up in the name of creativity and innovation

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Beauty, ingenuity and possibility

Once again proving its commitment to innovation, creativity and unique ideas, Renova spearheaded an important collaborative agreement with George Brown College last week. There to celebrate a great example of cross-continental development, Portugual’s Deputy Prime Minister, Paulo Portas, was quick to congratulate Renova’s important contribution to building solid relationships between Canadian and Portuguese industries and communities. Having established its presence in Canada a mere year ago, the Torres Novas-based company has made waves in North American markets; bringing colourful paper products to homes across the continent and changing the way many have come to perceive the everyday items that shape their lives.

This agreement is the next step in a well-established creative alliance between Renova and the Toronto-based college. For over 3 years, the two have collaborated on a wide array of design and avant-garde artistic projects meant to showcase Renova’s bold and vivid products – including the world’s first black tissue paper – through the means of inspired and globally meaningful pieces and installations. Expressing his excitement at the strengthening ties between both trailblazing institutions, Renova’s president Paulo Pereira spoke candidly to local reporters and bystanders. “This is a wonderful opportunity to keep creating spaces in which the public can be introduced to the bold ideas behind Renova,” Pereira said. “It’s also a fantastic way for us to keep encouraging fresh and imaginative work that fully represents what our brand is all about: beauty, ingenuity and possibility.”